Saturday, 15 October 2016

Haiti Hola- AbdulAziz from the Inside

Tragedy strikes again
Insufferable conditions for us

Yet justified as tolerable for them
A wonderful society we live in

Not sparing  a moment of time for them
Brothers and sisters it's time

We give more than a kind thought for them
Haitians suffering only to rise stronger again

Is it that we can't spare a dollar knowing?
It may save countless children, women and men

In the Name of Allah
This message is sent.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Pink Coconut

Eyes that pierce and dance in a singular breath
Skin that shines the  moonlight
Speech stronger than Malala
The Muslim warrior is born in North America

Not afraid  to speak to power
Full of artistic splendor  like the nightingale
The gesture  to share on the shores
The willingness to breathe new life into Faith

This inner light
Coming from the mountains  of Kush
More beautiful than Borealis
It's the pink a feminist is sometimes afraid to don

The coconut warrior!

Friday, 30 September 2016

Cruising next year in de Island Islam!

Caribbean Muslim Convention 2016

People of Queens
Gathered under God
What a delight to eat cassava pone
And listen to Moulana Shafayat!

People of Princess town and Corentyne
Gathered under the American flag
What a delight to have dunkin’ donuts
And relish Melinda Katz and Dr Quick in one breath!

People of Roots and volunteerism
Gathered from masajids and cliques
What bliss to savor yummies and ice crush
And to eat and pray with Dr Shabbir and the beautiful hijabis of Ehsan Academy!

People of Allah
It was the best experience ever!
Your love is unconditional,
And I propose a cruise to the Islands for the next Caribbean Muslim Convention!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Challenges of a Prison Chaplain

I am sitting with some inmates inside the chapel and its Saturday morning. Could you imagine what they are talking about?

People wonder why an Imam would consider spending his precious weekend with men who are hardcore criminals. I find it myself mind boggling!

Is it the story of Yusuf that so inspired us to be to be considerate of the incarcerated? Is it the sweet voice I heard from Bri-anneSwan at our Multicultural Eid in Toronto sharing her brave act to meet with an inmate on death row in Texas? Or is it the soft nature of the innate human disposition called fitra that Dr Karen Armstrong alluded to in the Interfaith conference recently in Montreal?

I suppose it’s all of this and much more as the constellation of accumulated stories of faith and hope over the past eight years makes me continue to listen and guide men and women whose lives tiptoe on the brink of hope!

So here is the inspiration.

Mr strong man is a long time practitioner of Islam and has written his memoirs. He was brought up on Islam; however the cruel interactions of society have led him to a life of regret. But one of the smartest and creative men you will meet when you read about his unpublished work of addictions and the life of a Muslim.

So the path that Malcolm X chartered is not a maiden of street without GPS but very much lived by many in the dark alleys of prison.

And there is our so ghora Gujarati dude in full beard and jubba, cooking spicy Iftars during Ramadan and reciting beautiful Quran! He is so cool that you wouldn’t even imagine he ran the turf one time.

The path that Yusuf Islam threads within the story of music and conversion is the beautiful narrative of a world's celebrity not being afraid to play for his fans and proudly speaking for Islam. I met him at the CN tower dinner last year and he kept it real with his humor!

So I have the pleasure of knowing people for their stories and not judging them by one story. People are not defined by their worse or best moments but by what they do for others. Dr Martin Luther reminds us that what life is about.

Sipping coffee and touting tattoos he respectfully submits that it's time for prayer! That's the white supremacist turned everybody's friend, thanks to the dynamic seed of Islam planted in his soul by reading the Quran last Ramadan. He now exudes the beautiful aura of the Sunnah style and even received a standing ovation as the valedictorian this year!

Such is the transformation that the soul is capable of, that this proven path of spirituality, like music therapy and pets for compassion, is something one could be proud of.

It reminds me of the Prophet Muhammad, on whom be peace, allowing the Bedouin to continue urinating in his mosque while others wanted to smack him up. But Muhammad was more hood than the tough Arabs! He steadied the ‘gangsters’ and won the Bedouin’s heart and millions still today.

That's why I am a Chaplain! And yes Eid is always a blast!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

9/11: Multicultural Eid Commemoration- 2016

9/11: Multicultural Eid Commemoration 2016

I still remember where I was on 9/11. I was sitting in front my computer in Guyana.
What a horrific act that still evokes sympathy and shock!

In Canada, I have continued to defend Islam tirelessly in the jury box ever since- Islam is a religion of peace. Islam stands for justice and equality.

This year whilst considering an Eid celebration that is inclusive and upbeat, I realized it will fall according to the calendar on Sep 11th. Well after all on a Sunday to celebrate Eid is not bad.
Although in Canada we have freedom of religion, people still find it battling to get a religious day off.

So the thought evolved with a few dear volunteers and close friends to observe an interfaith service as a memorial for the victims of 9/11 and to observe a minute of silence in the presence of Canadian Muslims, political figures and Interfaith leaders. This will mark the sacredness of the lives lost to the meaningless wars fought ever since.

Then the thought of Eid being the observance of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his only son Ishmael arose. It’s a time when people think of making Hajj and performing their religious duty of donating towards the poor. However, with the missing girls of Canada being upper most in our minds my thoughts went towards making Hagar the mother of Ishmael and her sacrifice being the focus of today’s trials of mothers and wives all around the world. So the English Khutba will focus on women.

As the amazing volunteers pooled together their resource and ideas to make this event in Ajax a success, search for a place turned out to be difficult until the Ability Centre in Whitby became available. With a centre that caters to persons of disabilities the sponsor organisation couldn’t have been more appropriate- CAMD- Canadian Association for Muslims with disabilities. Many other sponsors since then have thankfully stepped up to the challenge.

The fun of the Eid festival is not done without good food and entertainment. As much as that comes with a price, the recent Muslimfest in Mississauga, with thousands enjoying Muslims at their Artistic best, it is indeed an inspiration that #EidByLake will be another hit that Canadians of all backgrounds will be proud of!

Dress to impress this Sun and be at the Ability Centre Whitby at 10am!

Habeeb Alli

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Black Love in protest

Longing for the aspirant childhood dream
That dances in my nocturnal journey
I prayed for the exotic union
Laid bare on the altar of Essequibian love

As ebony is enriched by the  beauty of love
The waters so dark shed its inhibitors
Like the inhabitants of Paradise  pure is the desire
One stroke in a thousand years

Love through faith
Love under the raining rooftops
In the waves that musically awaken buried passion
Like Damon and Cuffy
A revolution within is born and dreams lived again!

Alicia and Tariq: Meant to be!

Passing each other
One  from New York the other in Toronto
Although  they knew each other
It took fifteen  years and a cousin to line the stars

Now what was a call  on CIOG dinner day
Turned out  be a flirt with love and now down the  aisle  a few months after
How coild a girl with a mind of her own surrender?
A girl unconquerable by any other?

This is what  love does
Breaks the bones of stubborn resistance
Softens the heart of bitter stoics
Makes a man leave the big apple for the  apple of his eye

So fasting and prayers is the new Gucci
Smiling under those stern eyes she lives
Love that gives faith power
Is like pious Ali never deserting Fatima, not now nor ever!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Sam and Daryl: In love marriage

They say hell is falling in love across  the Atlantics
Not everyone  gets the Titanic love story
But falling in and out
Like  the waves that bond them
Daryl couldn't  keep his eyes off this Canadian beauty

Sam determined  to marry the one of her heart
She travels  to  the  land of the hummingbird
He lives up to his promise
No more digicel and Skyping through dinner

No matter the difference  of culture
Faith in love knows no barrier
Yusuf  and Zulaikha
Muhammad  and Aisha
When  tradition meets love
A union so blessed that the  Kaba makes  the  dua!

Monday, 15 August 2016

Usain Bolt faster than lightning

He signals the cross and raises his head to The Most  High
Smiles with confidence after 2 golds why not
On your mark get set
And faster than light  the Bolt won 3rd gold!

Touching Andree and flying Olympian  style
He cheers on his fans with such sportsmanship
The air waves are  crackling
Hussain  Bolt is the fastest on earth!

Jamaica green flag flying
The stadium  rises and our Caribbean  hearts  swell
Another Garvey, another Marley
He signals the cross and lifts his head to the sky smiling!

Usain Bolt Don Anderson

Friday, 12 August 2016

Remembering My Mother Lyla Ali- 1st Anniversary

Too soon we say
A year has passed and the wounds are still bleeding
You moved on beyond the walls quickly
That smile and laughter still fresh in our minds

How can we forget the joy of your face?
How can we not want to spend the birthdays together?
When will this troubled heart find ease?
You flew away with life's wonder!

Under the moonlight and into the sunset
Your every ounce of kindness shines brighter
People who knew you say she was indeed a beautiful woman
Few are remembered this way- you were everyone's mother!

The prayers you taught me
The pursuit of happiness you empowered me
The sacrifice for education you gifted me
I have nothing to return except these frail hands clasped in prayer!

I love you mommy!

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Marry the one who loves you!

In high school they fell in love
She would  add his name to hers
Not knowing but believing he would marry her
After ten years and many red moons

She marries him behind bars
The tears her mom shed were more interesting
She waited till now to see who is this chap
And the vows will blow you away

He took his time to remember her each virtue
Never forgetting Allah in the opening  promise
What a virtue marriage  is when found on love
When someone believes in you  even if you are 'bad' as bad can be!

Dedicated  to Malcolm  and Rudelle whose nikah I had the privilege  of performing.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Slave of Allah gives up racism

Abddul Aziz- Poem on a white convert in prison

I first heard of your story
Riveting people's heart with your tattoo's and angry looks
Now prostrating in front Allah
You claim you cannot do this to anyone lesser than the Almighty

Nowadays I watch you in awe
Smiling and embracing, washing away all the abyss of hatred
Convincing others on the block
While haters wonder what about this non white religion

Making Gucci clothing dyed and styled from tattered patches
Loving the style of Sunnah while tats don't bother you ever
Everyone gets hit on
But Aziz is the beacon of strength among lifers

I wonder where this is going
People come and go always
But Ramadan and every day living is one for this inmate
Abdul Aziz is the slave of the Almighty power!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Canada Day Fundraiser: Could you make it diverse and inslusive?

This Canada Day I wore a red and white suit. My partner wore a red and white hijab. The national anthem was playing before the call to prayer. Breaking the fast at sunset was when dinner was served because it was in Ramadan.

As I child growing up in Guyana I remember going to the mosque on Eid day with my father. He would fill my pockets with coins early morning after getting dressed in traditional white kamis. I had the distinct pleasure of sharing these coins to the beggars who lined the patio of the mosque. They would spread their hand kerchiefs on the hot concrete. Fast forward decades and I have organised the second Canada Day Iftar in Toronto, hoping to raise funds from empathetic fasting Muslims for water projects in Pakistan and Gaza. Iftar is the meal we partake in while breaking the day-long fast at sunset, usually seventeen hours in Toronto during summer!

It is such a challenge! Doing a fundraiser on Canada Day, eh?

Most people want to celebrate Canada Day during the day, joining the parades or stay at home and watch it on TV, as the summer and fasting don't go too well for Canadians.

Others realised that this year Canada Day falls on the most revered day of Ramadan- the 27th or Night of Power. Arrangements for every prayer were priority.

I had invited the Hon Prime Minister Justin Trudeau but learnt he will not be in Toronto on the Friday but instead on the Saturday for Pride Parade. Now my Facebook friends are no longer confirming. That really sucks. But I did have a sold out event for the second time!

I tried to engage with persons of disabilities in the Muslim community through one of my supporting partners SMILE and booked an ASL translator. Last year it was so much fun watching her translate the Hon Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne's speech.

I am beginning to think of how reverse this is. Most Canadian functions would add samosa on the entree or halal options and would easily qualify to being inclusive and diverse. I have to prove my Ramadan gala is Canadian yet inclusive to many faiths that are attending. I am happy to make my guests happy although my tight budget with a ticket marked at cost price doesn’t make life easy. Our event coordinator is phenomenal in finding discounts and door prizes besides volunteers. It’s coming together with a best dressed female prize by Tru fashions!

Apart from having Reene the Voice sing the Canadian Anthem accompanied by Hurban Johnson on Trinidadian steelpan, I had to make sure the protocol was upheld with the flag. The Hon MP Dr Kristy Duncan, Minister for Science and Innovation attended, dressed in her extraordinary shalwar, the type you see at Eid and she graciously shared her time despite Canada Day demands. She presented two recognition plaques to our volunteers, who worked tirelessly to coordinate the event and raise funds for the lesser fortunate. We actually did well with 66 wells and counting!

I must say our MCs were fabulous as I wanted to debunk the myth that women do not publicly take the stage to MC in Islam. Or co hosts were both a male and a female and they kept the audience alive with their simmered humor and effective time keeping as we had to finish by 10 pm. People were anxious to return to their respective mosques for the night prayers. It happened!

The entertainment for the evening included both Urdu and English songs. Now this is diversity struggling to get included. I had a famous singer in the house that sings Indian songs but chose to do a Ramadan farewell song in Urdu ragas with the steel pan accompanying her - she is Esther Nazmoon Khan. Renee woke up the crowd with her voice!

The cuisine was indeed matching with the elegant Elite Banquet Hall- several halal Indian options were served including vegetarian since we had a diverse attendance.

I didn't want the celebration to be about Muslims only. Ramadan in many countries is known and supported by Non Muslim neighbours and relatives like in India, Guyana and Lebanon. So we had Pundit Basil Maharaj, Rev Alexa Gilmore and Dr Bhante the Budhist Urban Monk present greetings and messages of hope at the Gala. 

As a matter of fact, the highlight of the evening was the presence of Syrian refugee families, celebrating their first Canada Day. They are on record with Rogers TV saying in Arabic that they are thankful and thrilled to be part of such a great country!

The struggles of finding a good speaker who understands Canada and faith and can ascertain the nexus of water wells in Pakistan and fresh water reservoirs in Canada is painstakingly challenging. We had the fortune of having Dr Munir El-Kassem, former Professor at Western Ontario University and Imam in London, as chief guest and indeed he brought home the loaf! Rather we all broke bread after with some dates and spring rolls and lots of mango shake after that generous shake down!

This may be the last Canada Day that falls in Ramadan but for sure it was a blast while it last!

As Muhammad Ali, the Greatest, my Champ said service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Muhammad Ali: Stinging into our hearts

I heard of you when I was just a child
My father was so proud of Cassius Clay turned Muhammad Ali
I don't ever remember him being a fan in Guyana of any thing
But that stayed with me until I met the Greatest in his works and action

I realized that we have to go down one day to the ringer
I know that Ali will live even after 100 years in our hearts forever
The things you taught me you would never know
But so many times I wanted to quit until I heard your story

Standing up to established racism you did it for everyone
You made sure your name sake was not walked upon even if it would be fame
While you signed away pamphlets to let them know of Him
You taught Laila the meaning of hijab like modest Fatima would have received

When the world was bashing away color
You stood up and reminded them that the Greatest was American and Muslim like apple pie
I saw the trembling but realized from your funeral the heart trembles even more
How could you not be in Heaven when that's why you lived for

My people gets hurt every day
I see mothers wipe tears off for a repeat tomorrow
I cry on shoulders of those who can hardly be stronger
I lost  so much but with Ali loss is gain- what a beauty my Champ was and is!
Allah's eternal mercy enshroud your soul always and leave behind continuous nebulous of grace and guidance for the humanity you served with grace!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Poem on Guyana's 50th Anniversary

Buxton Spice at 50!

50 years since we pulled down the Union Jack
Flying high the Golden Arrowhead
Who would believe that the sweat blood and tears
Drenched the sugar plantations 

Would produce such sweet Guyanese- more 'foreign' than at home

They said you will always depend upon the Masah
But you forget we are the El Dorado and the sons and daughters of Kaieteur
We made history with cricket and minds like To Sir With Love

They said politics destroyed our nation
See how Cheddi, Burnham and Rodney took positions
But you know our richness is in the six races
And from Fiji to Nunavut  Guyanese  singing Not A Blade of Grass

Because not even the Pope or the Grand Mufti knows 

What makes our Interfaith secret such a recipe of love
So don't  bother about how sordid our lives are
Stop taking away our future from our children's eyes
The fruits of our ancestors' labor 

From slavery to modern indentured economics
Lalbahjee and Buxton's martyrs; no first our Amerindians
No more racism, no more exploitation
Never again, never in vain!

Cheers to a century!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Poem on Chaplaincy- National Conference Toronto April 2016

Two are better than one.

Irations and Itations

They say it's water under the bridge
Signing, hiding, running around, not knowing
And then a Bridge across nations!

Got go see the inmates,

Not less love and more computer cravings
But chaplaincy is about 'washing the feet'
For us in Canada it's all about multiculturalism

I honor Pierre Allard

The numurous heroes since the 60's
I pray we don't stop at reporting
And cherish this gift like One Love has done since the 70's!

Habeeb Alli

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Meeting with Mufti AbdulHamid Patel CBE: Rethink Islamic Schools paradigm

Meeting with Mufti AbdulHamid Patel CBE: Rethink Islamic Schools paradigm

Habeeb Alli


Not always I get a chance to meet some thinkers of the 21st century, whose philosophy are rooted in my alma mater of Deoband, India. I had the pleasant surprise of attending an intended workshop turned presentation at the Abu Bakr Masjid Toronto on the topic of Islamic schools with an award winning educator. Well that is putting it lightly! Abdul Hamid Patel has been decorated by Her Majesty with the Commander of British Education award. The humble and erudite Mufti of the UK is a successful administrator of a plethora of Islamic schools- some private and some public, in the not so faraway European country of Great Britain- home of some 3million Muslims and thousands of Islamic institutions.

As I listened to him elaborate around philosophy of the foundations of education in an Islamic context; often quoting Jim Collins, a favourite, who said ‘a good organisation cannot be great organisation’, my interest peaked when he mentioned Restorative Justice. Where in the Islamic world does a traditionalist references Restorative Justice in a room full of Imams and evening madressa teachers?

As we moved on the discourse on a warm Easter Sunday,  I grew to like the evidently contemporary educator whose words of unchartered waters reminded me for a bit of Sir Muhammad Iqbal wrestling verses off Rumi Persian pages and whipping thoughts on Nietzsche - we must become thinkers and not blind  followers. Don't get me wrong! This Mufti Patel was no simpleton!

He reminded the quiet room of separated women teachers and male leaders that it's not enough to acquire itqan-or perfection in our curriculum but ihsan and excellence is needed should we wish to become leaders. Abdul Hamid Patel is undoubtedly a young professional who has successfully trained hundred of teachers and school leaders through his accredited QTS program and manages over thirteen schools! That's a testimony of a turban dressed young eloquent scholar whose twitter seem to highlight modern issues in Education, that public schools in the UK, whose students are primarily non Muslims are pursuing him! Mr. Patel’s network of Tauheedul girl’s schools seems to set the standards of both academic and religious education, rightly so, the savant Mufti believes there is really no distinction between the two when it comes to excelling! See //

I like the terminology of spiritual intelligence versus spiritual compliance. I have already tested this out with my study circle inside the Institutions! Compliance is a matrix of the punishment system. For too long our focus in the schools has been compliance of the religious rituals and of course compliance of the management and an unforgiving culture. Herewith the values of taqwa and love of country, with sincere feelings to research spiritual things are not given ample resources. That has to change if we want to combat a cell phone driven generation of extra too much distractions and conflicted by a dichotomy of values and self. I see his call for acute self-discipline a direct challenge to our cognitive dissonance.

I wanted to draw the parallel so badly of Malala when Abdul Hamid reemphasised on the critical need of secular education in the Muslim world but time only allowed me to ask about the application of restorative justice in Islamic schools. By now I can imagine the young girl who complained to me seven years after she was kicked out of her Islamic school for endorsing her friend’s relationship. She never stepped into a mosque again and avoided Ramadan like the plague! Maybe had the authorities not been too worried about the donors’ rebuff and invited her and the parties in a circle of love called Shura- amends and apologies would have saved another youth!

A day spent with amazing colleagues and piously motivated teachers is a beautiful day - Easter is about victory and beauty and this I think is the message of the visiting Professor- let the freedom to think be your best friend and the beauty of Iqra inspire your dreams- if you want to be passionate about Islamic schools and not just a job to get by with!

‘The highest result of education is tolerance.' Mufti Abdul Hamid Patel, CBE, Twitter handle.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Visit to Maroons of Jamaica WI- Islamic legacy of a forgotten people

Some many moons ago
I met a stalwart in Yaad
She researched the Musalman of Jamaica
And saw the Prophet, owbp, during ziyara

This is a powerful story I live by
When I visited Juma hole in Accompong autonomous country
And we prayed Zuhr in the valley
It rained for an hour

This time round the Chief of Flagstaff
Yusuf AbdulMalik is proud of his heritage
He ensured the celebrations are Islamic
I felt light in the presence of one whose vision is Prophetic

Travelling up the hills of St Elizabeth
Overlooking the mountains cascading down to the sea
Is a beautiful masjid building
Omar Prince and his farm is about to relive Cudjoe's dream

High on the grounds of Trelawney
Buried under the heap of blood, sweat and tears
Are my ancestors who freed themselves from tyranny
They prayed in the night tahajjud while compelling the enemy

Returned to Sierra Leone through Nova Scotia
Like Harriet Tubman undergrounding from America
Little Moses of Jamaica was Nanny but her name was Sara
Malakukta and AsSofa were the names of their new found Medina

Like Timbuktu of Mali
Knowledge was key in their powerful endeavour
Muhammad Kaba left behind scripts in Arabic
They taught each other the secrets of Othman Dan Fodio

I lived with the Maroons just a few days
It felt I returned to my Roots of Yoruba
I ate from the plates of sweet ackee and curried goat
I felt I lived in the hallow corridors of the Companions of Sufa.

This story of the Maroons
A beautiful people with textured hair and sunshine color
Whose history remains a myth
Is the story of Mansa Musa's treasures, living in the West Indies.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Obituary for Hafiz Patel ra of UK

Hafiz Patel a leader of Islam
To you forever  Salam

Nevermind our patron was originally of India
His leadership  extended  from England  to beyond the Americas and even Africa

A scholar  of the religion and unique  human
I have not seen a closer replica of a divine mystic ever

With a passion unmatched
I sat in his company  countless times unattached

The constant  reminder  to be the Ambassador  of Islam
To  imitate the Honorable  Prophet

And leave the luxury  of home to strive  in God's Path
A true Inviter of Ummahhood

My mentor after a year in the Path  of Allah in India
Hafiz saheb insisted  I return to Guyana

Travelling  together in South America
His smiling ask of me was always

Habeeb become Allah's  Beloved!
Followers  in every department of Deen throughout the world

A devout servant we have lost
In the Hereafter his investment in us millions perpetuated

Allah  yarhamhu!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Merry Mixing wedding

Merry Mixing wedding


I was invited to participate in an inmate wedding ceremony. He had accepted Islam inside. Finding a partner through the pen pal service was his lucky star. The bride is Christian. She was full of joy and beauty on this sunny winter morning.

The Rev Chaplain organised the event with the services of the Town clerk to preside over the beautiful young couple.

I concluded with the blessings of the Islamic marriage. The witnesses were the mother of the groom and the groomsmen.

There was a camera for pictures.  We enjoyed lots of laughter after the benedictions because I said the groom may now have his halal kiss!


I thought I will pen these verses.


Waiting in queue

Not knowing whether fate will find me a mate

I had changed faith but not fate

I met the most beautiful inside bars


Today my years of wait is over

I only desire to make her my queen and my baby a princess

How can I not be thankful?

How can I turn from being faithful?


My mother beside me on my worse and best days

The snow will come no matter how late

The sun will rise no matter how cloudy

Love will find you no matter your color or crime.


Saturday, 2 January 2016

Poem for Oldeen 60th

Virtuous sixty and Counting- the Oldeen Saga!

By now you have edged on surprises
Every single one of them got yah
A birthday is another way of softening the wrinkles
But you celebrate virtues with each heart present today

Baksh is gift in Persian and Oldeen is of Faith in Arabic 
Nani had in mind greatness way before you received accolades
They may know you from the tennis rolls and trade unions
But don't we all know you from Master Moe and Hajji Host!

Each Ramadan since 05 that we gallivant in Toronto was an education
With every ounce of passion you inched your way into Hajj
From the mosques to Hafiz boys in Berbice and the Syrian refugees
Your generosity knows no bounds

They ask me about the river and sun
I say why ask of these that surround us by involuntary flow
Ask me about him who without hinting gives to the poor unhindered
They say much more but Mohamed will always be the name everyone compliments

I have seen many nations across oceans and rallied on their front lines
Yet the passion that Mandela and Layton have imprinted on my brother
Reminds me like Justin- a Canadian is a Canadian, is a Canadian.
That Family is family, is Family!

Happy Birthday Oldeen!

You just got started!