Saturday, 28 May 2016

Poem on Guyana's 50th Anniversary

Buxton Spice at 50!

50 years since we pulled down the Union Jack
Flying high the Golden Arrowhead
Who would believe that the sweat blood and tears
Drenched the sugar plantations 

Would produce such sweet Guyanese- more 'foreign' than at home

They said you will always depend upon the Masah
But you forget we are the El Dorado and the sons and daughters of Kaieteur
We made history with cricket and minds like To Sir With Love

They said politics destroyed our nation
See how Cheddi, Burnham and Rodney took positions
But you know our richness is in the six races
And from Fiji to Nunavut  Guyanese  singing Not A Blade of Grass

Because not even the Pope or the Grand Mufti knows 

What makes our Interfaith secret such a recipe of love
So don't  bother about how sordid our lives are
Stop taking away our future from our children's eyes
The fruits of our ancestors' labor 

From slavery to modern indentured economics
Lalbahjee and Buxton's martyrs; no first our Amerindians
No more racism, no more exploitation
Never again, never in vain!

Cheers to a century!