Thursday, 12 December 2013

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November activities

Ambition nov 2013

Faith in the Regent Park

Having the resources and energy to address the growing issues in the city was the conversation at the recently held Faith in Regent Park conference.
Many faith leaders, police, social workers and youth activists were present. The Muslims were represented by the Canadian Muslim Women organization and the masjid Omar Khattab as well as Anela Jadunandan and Habeeb Alli.
A play by Sahar illustrated the many layers of domestic violence. Where participants threw as many as ten shawls on a victim, each shawl representing the silence and ignorance of those who worsen the problem.
Dub poet Mustapha was in the house doing a poem on the youths need a voice.
The deliberations looked at employment, openness to the faith leaders and police, clearing of gangs, health care, etc.
The chief organizer was Kevin Moore from the Ryerson University who took this project as a spin off of the faith on the city symposium held earlier this year at city hall.

DAWN Foundation held second symposium on Muslims in Canada issues

A wonderful array of Muslim leaders from a wide background gathered at the Woodbine Banquet Hall early Sunday morning to deliberate on issues facing Canadian Muslims

Chief guest Haroon Siddiqi highlighted the many achievements as well as challenges Muslims face and placed this within the wider framework of immigrants facing discrimination even after the Charter has established.

Farid Amin did an amazing job presenting a year of study and analysis on the various issues after listening to the steering committee comprising of Islamic Foundation President Javaid Khan, Ahl Bayt Assembly of Canada leader Ghulam Abbas and Islamic Scholar Habeeb Alli among others.

Fatima Sajan, who recently received the outstanding women award, coordinated the meetings, conference and documentations to make a successful event where board members of DAWN came from as far as London, Hanny Hassan.
Many attendees gave their input through smaller working groups.

Brampton Halfway house held Eid dinner

Muslims enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Brampton Halfway house recently with many talking about their progress reintegrating into society after years of incarceration.
One inmate spoke of his working hard to find work and be there for his family after so many years away from them and society. It's not an easy journey and the importance of listening and supporting those who have made mistakes and have paid their time and now trying to reintegrate.
The festival of Abraham taught us that during the Hajj and during Qurbani we seek our own forgiveness so why cant we forgive others? Habeeb Alli is the Federal Chaplain in Ontario and serves sis institutions every week.

MSA of U of T Scarborough held fundraiser for  IDRF.
Where do you get a choice of donation to projects from a single charity in one night.
That was the idea behind the beautiful gala held by Muslim Students Association at University of Toronto. They wanted to make a difference given the splash of poverty every where and to give to a known charity registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency.
IDRF has been working in 30 countries for the past 30 years. The projects are many but the five chosen that wonderful evening were children, women, schools, water and Palestine. The water for Palestine project won with a green ribbon as each attendee wore a colour band of their project's choice. The amazing MC had them voted for. green won and that us Habeeb Alli IDRF Community Development Manager favourite.

Muslims Chaplain held first retreat at Emmanuel College.

Finding a space where Muslims who serve as chaplains could express themselves without reference to a third party is rare. Chaplains are spiritual caregivers and must draw from the Sunnah for inspiration said Dr Ingrid Mattison, special guest at the first held conference by Muslim chaplains in North AMerica.

Ibrahim Long organized this one day event and appropriately named it 'Inspired by the Beloved' where almost twenty five attendees from asa far as Hartford seminary, California, Ottawa and London came.

Habeeb Alli, the Muslim chaplain at Corrections Canada led the reflections from the Quran where chaplains shared in a circle their understandings like Scriptural Reasoning the meaning of chaplaincy and various portfolio of the Holy Prophet, on whom be peace.

MIchael Taylor, the former chaplain at CAMH shared a presentation on self care, an important aspect of working with others one must not run on empty.

Adeeb a chaplain in the UnIversity shared like many others their journey in establishing trust and relationship while observing Islamic values of compassion and forgiveness with the various clients that come into their sphere of need. A practical role playing workshop was done on this and the final was an amazing sharing of thoughts and ideas of best practises.
The local Toronto chaplaincy dinner will be held on January 2014 at the Islamic Foundation.

Remembrance Day at the National War Memorial

So many have lost their lives in battle so that we may live in peace. Such was the
awe inspiring story the reverberated during the elaborate celebrations held in the Capital of Canada that Habeeb Alli stood among the winter clads thousands, was among the few Muslims visible, making a silent prayer of peace in the world as we continue to face challenges around the globe.
Canada has lost about 100000 soldiers over the last two centuries in various battles and while we cannot forget those that died for peace there are those who are the unnamed heroes of the world. Placing a poppy at the grave of the unknown soldier reminded us that sincerity sometimes leads one to to acts of self sacrifice that may be recognized by man but certainly is registered in the Divine column of God.

That is why I chose to wear a poppy not because it's about war but because we must forget the price of peace.

The Ulama of Canada have a beautiful tribute about the significance of Remembrance Day.

Way to Happiness presentation at a Church

How many people are dying to be happy, literally?
The way to happiness is not only a course new age gurus could offer but is as old as Adam.
He wanted to be happy and live in heaven forever in the company of his beloved so he ate the forbidden fruit as much as he was misguided by Satan.
A Sunday sermon in a church of scientology in Cambridge was converted into a presentation by an Imam based upon Quran and Sunnah what are some values that leads to happiness. Habeeb Alli was applauded on every point and many questions about Islam and the Quran were asked. Reverend Yvette Shanks graciously introduced this episode into her sermon in order go provide a better understanding of other faiths including Islam. A long time friend and human rights activist Gehan from Kitchener offered a thank you in her closing remarks for hearing such an enlightened view point about her own religion having grown up in Egypt.
This is from a dvd and booklet that talks in secular way the importance of honesty, trust, sharing, charity, avoiding drugs and alcohol, marriage, etc
Columbia had implemented the showing of this dvd and the crime rate then went down tremendously according to Reverend Earl Smith, President of the Church of Scientology.

National Restorative Justice conference held in Toronto

Is a crime only to be punished by imprisonment and hard labour?

Is there a way to restore a relationship after a crime?

What about protecting the victim when one wants to restore after the justice system has been implemented?

What does religion has to say about restorative justice?

The National Restorative Justice Conference was held at the Marriott Courtyard in Toronto that drew participants and speakers from across Canada and the US.

Mostly chaplains, conflict resolution practitioners and school principals attended.

Rev Harry Nigh from the Corrections Services and Habeeb Alli presented an interfaith paradigm on working go get inmates interested in undertaking Restorative Justice. The model used Bible and Quran narratives of healing and forgiveness as a basis to get inmates involved while allowing them the freedom to chose or not the program as its a voluntary program aside from one's correction plan.

This event was hosted by a youth initiative of Canada based in Alberta that helps young offenders safely reintegrate.

There are online courses on this at Simon Fraser University.

Islamic history month presentations held in prisons institutions

October is Islamic history month in Canada. Every year many universities and libraries organize events to mark the contributions Muslims have made to science and civilization.

This year among the many events was presentations made to inmates at Beavercreek and Grand Valley by Shaikh Habeeb Alli.

A power point presentation depicting the many scientific and religious advancement of the Muslims of Spain, India. West Africa and even modern Canada was presented with lots of questions from the audience.

There is an immense appetite for this.

Kashmir is the longest conflict in modern times

Longer than the Palestinian conflict, the unresolved conflict about the autonomy of Kashmir is still a basis of suffering in the Indian occupied part commented the speakers from stop the war coalition.
This was at a seminar held at the Stoufville Islamic centre where the Consul General of Pakistan among others attended.
Displays on the history, places, and suffering as well as pictures of the once 'heaven on earth' reminded the audience after dinner the critical nature of this conflict about which the UN had declared the settlement must be by the people of Kashmir and conceded by the Indian leaders such Pundit J Nehru.
Zafar Bangash, President and Imam, has been in the forefront on such issues over the years in Toronto.

Global financial held their fifteen anniversary

An amazing story of how one man with a briefcase became a successful salesman for financial instruments like RESP.
Sam Boujee celebrated bis company fifteen years of success with almost 2B serving over 300000 children education fund holders. He says waking up every morning knowing he will make a difference in a child's education who may discover the cure for cancer and its like is what drives him.
The Iman Fund is a part of Global family of companies and is among the few growing Islamic finance companies that is guided the Dow Jones Islamic Index and managed by the world renown UBS.

The event held at the Supreme Banquet Hall in Vaughan was attended by the Mayor Dave Burrows who spoke highly of the company' s contribution to the well being of Richmond Hill

Humber Hospital fundraising gala

The first fully digital hospital in North America is being established just here in Keele and 401 Toronto and Muslims have signed on to be part if this extraordinary history.
Having built masjids and schools in Toronto, immigrants are now beginning to make bolder contributions to civil society.
Ten masjids have rallied together to donate 250,000 towards the hospital fund in the next five years. The government builds the hospital but does not fund equipment. 52000 will be needed for this smart-bed, fully technological hospital.
Fatima Sajan had organised these masjids last year to donate and this year Haroon Salamat chaired the fundraiser where Shaikh Ala Syed did an amazing job in raising 70 000 within minutes.
Chief MC Ally Hassan, known comedian, kept the audience of about 500 well entertained along with Mississauga born Azfar Ali.
In attendance were several political leaders including MPP Bas Balkissoon.
Members of several mosques and organizations were in attendance including IMO, IDRF, Imdadul, Khalid bin Walid, Ahl Bayt Assembly of Canada, Umma Nabawiah, G A Paper, TARIC, etc

Documentary on Domestic Violence launched

After three years and much hard work, members of the Interfaith communities, police and artist were invited to preview the premiere show of Brenda Webb star production- Against Domestic Violence at the York Police premises.
Among those interviewed about domestic violence on Rogers TV Mosaic show organised by the 35 years old Horizon Interfaith group were Rev Earl Smith from the Church if Scientology, Habeeb Alli from the Canadian Council of Imams, Dr Naila Butt from Social Services Network and Fatima Omar from Spiritualbizmoms.
The short film will be available for public use and discourse soon on the Muslims for White Ribbon campaign website. November is the month where khutba blitz happens against domestic violence where more Imams are adding their voice against this crime against God.

Hossein Day observed at Jaffari Masjid Richmond Hill

Every year members of the Interfaith community join with the Shia Muslims to commemorate the martyrdom if Imam Hossein.

The tragic lost of the Prophet's grandson in the course of stopping the tyranny of Yazeed, who wanted to rule the Muslim world with injustice and bloodshed.
Pundit Eshwar Doobay gave a stirring speech about the values of Hussain. A Sikh and a Zoroastrian spoke laudably about Hussein bravery. The students of Assadik School did an amazing play to reenact Kerbala.
Habeeb Alli called the audience action by reminding all that water was crucial for Imam Hussain and his blessed family and today's Karbala is the 4500 children who die every day from the lack of drinking water thanks to our indifference as Canadians. IDRF water4life project tries to address this.
The event was hosted by the Islamic Shia Assembly of Canada and held at the Jaffari Village elegant banquet hall in Richmond Hill.

Christmas gift -How I miss the First Christmas gift!

Drifting snow
On the road of forlornness
Every experience
A flashback

What a heart
No matter the trauma
The night instills love
On the thoughts of yesterday

Yet anger seeps
Of heartbreak
Why it had to be so
Unrequited love, misunderstanding dangerously sit on my highway

Despite my adventures
My thrilling distractions
You're still my actress
On every music, every screen, every poem written

Like the deaf who cannot hear
The blind that don't see
The wicked who doesn't repent
You made stubbornness the excuse of hurting me so

Forgiveness washes on my windshield
Your menacing laughter
On my complaints so cynical
Such is life of fools
To love and not be rewarded no matter the price untold

People comes into your life
There must be a purpose
Pain strikes
Like winter you can't escape it

But God is always there
Maybe He is saving me from a discreet devil
The subtleties of love
Or too impatient to learn the ways of the impetuous lover .

Dec 12 2013
Coffee Culture Toronto

Tribute to Nelson Mandela poem by Habeeb

Nelson Mandela

Uniting us at death
Living the dream of freedom
Many times behind bars sacrificing his for ours
So South Africans et al may be freed from every apartheid

Growing up on this icon like Marley and Che
How can we not love Madibha?
He stood up to the Pharoahs of Soweto 
Living in isolation on Robben Island with no inmates' privileges 
One hour visit per year by Winnie, his protege in struggle
Twenty seven edited letters in twenty seven years
Not a chaplain nor escorted visitations
He laughed boldly at his enemies
Reconciling from 'by any means possible' to negotiating peace

The perpetrators apologizing to the victims
Forgiveness and not forgetting like Jesus did
At death world leaders and spiritual heads
Freedom fighters and underdogs, wow!

Bowed in prayers together
That a century of beautiful heroism
Is laid like the monuments of King, Mahatma and Al Hajj Malcolm X
Resting in the lofty meadow of peacefulness

As in the words of Prophet Muhammad bidding farewell
You are tired and have tired so many
Realizing your goal in the fight of injustice and poverty
No one deserves to be less than human- brown, black or white!

And now we know that there is life after prison
A great life, like Joseph and Moses
Go into the winds softly Madiba
May your meadow be green
And the snowflakes of laughter overshadow you still!