Thursday, 18 February 2016

Obituary for Hafiz Patel ra of UK

Hafiz Patel a leader of Islam
To you forever  Salam

Nevermind our patron was originally of India
His leadership  extended  from England  to beyond the Americas and even Africa

A scholar  of the religion and unique  human
I have not seen a closer replica of a divine mystic ever

With a passion unmatched
I sat in his company  countless times unattached

The constant  reminder  to be the Ambassador  of Islam
To  imitate the Honorable  Prophet

And leave the luxury  of home to strive  in God's Path
A true Inviter of Ummahhood

My mentor after a year in the Path  of Allah in India
Hafiz saheb insisted  I return to Guyana

Travelling  together in South America
His smiling ask of me was always

Habeeb become Allah's  Beloved!
Followers  in every department of Deen throughout the world

A devout servant we have lost
In the Hereafter his investment in us millions perpetuated

Allah  yarhamhu!

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