Saturday, 18 June 2016

Muhammad Ali: Stinging into our hearts

I heard of you when I was just a child
My father was so proud of Cassius Clay turned Muhammad Ali
I don't ever remember him being a fan in Guyana of any thing
But that stayed with me until I met the Greatest in his works and action

I realized that we have to go down one day to the ringer
I know that Ali will live even after 100 years in our hearts forever
The things you taught me you would never know
But so many times I wanted to quit until I heard your story

Standing up to established racism you did it for everyone
You made sure your name sake was not walked upon even if it would be fame
While you signed away pamphlets to let them know of Him
You taught Laila the meaning of hijab like modest Fatima would have received

When the world was bashing away color
You stood up and reminded them that the Greatest was American and Muslim like apple pie
I saw the trembling but realized from your funeral the heart trembles even more
How could you not be in Heaven when that's why you lived for

My people gets hurt every day
I see mothers wipe tears off for a repeat tomorrow
I cry on shoulders of those who can hardly be stronger
I lost  so much but with Ali loss is gain- what a beauty my Champ was and is!
Allah's eternal mercy enshroud your soul always and leave behind continuous nebulous of grace and guidance for the humanity you served with grace!