Thursday, 26 March 2015

Poem on Imams Conference March 2015 Chicago

Another turn of greatness
Living to serve the Deen
Imams getting a chance to diffuse

Looking at texts and contexts
Stepping on toes and some confused
But when there is mistake
Rahma descends with grace

We will soon return to our hoods
I will to the North and the bars of brokeness
The delicateness of His demeanour
The eruditness of his wisdom

The call to be inclusisve
The recognition of honoray scholars
Presence in the heirs of the Prophet alihisalam
Validates us not Fox news

Dr Sawy is the raison d'etre of our presence
My travels' trials are lightened
With your dua and guidance!
Oh jewel of the Umma don't be shaken!

Habeeb Alli

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Make it Happen-Sadia!

Make it Happen- Sadia!


Time to go Sadia!

Alhamdulillah she replied!

It had to be, you can’t keep a good woman down,

Or so it should be for all women born.


She came in years ago locked away in a cell.

Do you want a Quran?

Listen I ain’t that type you know!

I waited and prayed with some sisters who still believed!


And then one Ramadan,

She came crying.

Where is my Quran, my hijab, the prayer mat et al you promised?

She had found him after twenty years!


I mean her kidnapped son and now Allah!

The ex snatched him from her lap.

Told the family his mama had died.

Divine grace made her meet his cousin behind bars!



Leaving every one that she learnt to love behind,

Waiting by the station to catch her ride,

Nervous like a virgin bride,

Knowing she will soon hear him say Mommy I love you!


Why did you get so involved in stupidity?

Why did you disown your own tribe and country?

The lost of my baby boy made me lose faith

Like PTSD, I waited for closure and found it inside.


But such are the mothers of the world.

Broken by their lovers, the Adam and Eve story

Like Khadija or Virgin Mary, like Little Maya our unsung heroes

She will wipe her tears with prayers and even call home her 20 years misery!


Make it happen, one more time!

Another woman- sister applauded by Faith and women

Neither broken nor jaded

She walks through the gates with the sun rising on her hijab-face!