Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Malala on Becoming a Honorary Canadian Citizen

Congratulations Malala
Becoming a Canadian took me years
An honorary Canadian
Took you your home, courage and tears

Standing up after being shot
Shot at for wanting education, your Islamic right
You broke the walls of Gaza,
The Indo-Pak Partition, and of girls raped of a future, forever

Making your second life the gift for the oppressed
Thanking God with hijab, voice and confidence; what beauty!
A teenager playing on world stage,
The Prophet, on whom be peace, is humbled by his Ayesha of this Age!

When twisted men hijacked religion
Front it like Kalashnikov in Satanic wars
They stand with Abu Jahl while you on Muhammad's legion:-
The liberator of girls buried alive, chattels of Arabia and the modern likes

Dreaming in your hospital for months alone
You've made every Terry Fox's dream come true
The fragrance of Arabian zephyr
Now flavored with Maple, oh brave heart!

Let the winds of love blow through your hair like snowflakes in fall
Let the strides of greatness abound, beyond and above
Play for you're still an Afghani teen; as teens in cloud nine
And be strong for you're the daughter of this Ummah, to be followed, Apna Pyare Malala!
May you live as long as Hurricane Hazel; surpassed in passion and leadership!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Thunder in Guyana

American Janet Jagan is Guyana’s matriarchal freedom fighter

I ATTENDED the ‘Thunder in Guyana’ show and was touched by the immense dedication and patriotism lived by the Jewish American wife of late President Cheddi Jagan, the late President Her Excellency Mrs Janet Jagan.
While much of our history is still unknown and rift with misrepresentation, there is no doubt that the sparse attendance by the Guyanese Diaspora at this Toronto Caribbean Film festival event, hosted by a Trinidadian artiste, who by the way was given the title film from the Jewish Film festival, is indicative of the growing indifference of our national pride and lacklustre attitude towards our heritage.
Guyana is a country of extreme potential, sitting on the most strategic edge of South America and the documentary demonstrates boldly the imperial powers’ past obstruction of fair democratic courses of political engagement in Guyana. It is unfortunate that we have lived and developed much, but learnt little from this bloody and tearful history, such as the sacrifices of the Enmore martyrs and long days of strike, as we struggled everyday on the battleground of poverty, corruption and crime.
As Bob Marley rightly said, those who do not know their history will not be proud of their identity, and that is our own crisis in the making.
I believe, instead of saluting her as ‘blue- eyed bhoujie’ we should nationalise her as blue-eyed Maa!

Poem on Blue Guava

Just launched Blue Guava
What is it folks ask?
Never heard of any guava except white and pink
Well it must be heavenly or blue vex!

Taste love deeply
Each lover silently supplicates
Each drop of rain could a storm bring
Yet who is willing to get wet, is the thing

Mine is a journey rarely spoken of
Beating on the chaos with words chosen
Wishing the hammer would stop
And the reader will ask is this about me or him?

IDRF gala oct 18

Oct 18. Satya Sai Peace Conference

One Love 3rd Annual Conference for Muslim Chaplaincy 2015. January 31st