Thursday, 1 September 2016

Alicia and Tariq: Meant to be!

Passing each other
One  from New York the other in Toronto
Although  they knew each other
It took fifteen  years and a cousin to line the stars

Now what was a call  on CIOG dinner day
Turned out  be a flirt with love and now down the  aisle  a few months after
How coild a girl with a mind of her own surrender?
A girl unconquerable by any other?

This is what  love does
Breaks the bones of stubborn resistance
Softens the heart of bitter stoics
Makes a man leave the big apple for the  apple of his eye

So fasting and prayers is the new Gucci
Smiling under those stern eyes she lives
Love that gives faith power
Is like pious Ali never deserting Fatima, not now nor ever!

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