Monday, 16 April 2012


How amazing
After years of drowning
This epic episode still sinks the heart
Tears afresh flow from the Atlantic that washed us

I now get why you said Titanic
The song has always been with me
Celine sang from her heart like its her story
Or was it mine like millions?

The heart does go on
Parting from Jack sent chills in the spine
I felt it more than once
Rose lived on to fulfil the promise

The destiny of a shipwreck
Did not separare him from saving his engaged beloved
While she lived imprisoned in the whims of others
Society, fiancee, mother and finances

Freed like the wind
Freed like the child
Freed by the bravery of a simple man
She lived such a few hours in the belly of love

That it touched her for a life time to come
He found the purpose of living like a gypsy finding family
Before he could gamble all for there was nothing to live for
He knew love meant being useful for someone but not just anyone

The iceberg suddenly loomed infront of their haven
The bare incidence of sideways diversion
Caused the family of Titanic to be buried at sea
The slips of the seffish mind can do just about that to any

Civilizations across the Atlantic
Now married after a century, celebrating on screen
April 14th seem so fateful, who knows that feeling knows
That Jack's martyrdom of love should be the new Valentine

I sailed across oceans and flew across nations
The parting embraces have not parted still
The heart goes on although life is breathing on land
The whipsers of Rose on Jack's lasting breath is still loud, and warm

That you do your best
You love with your heart even if it burst at the seams
When the waters subside and history will write its mystery
It will be said- he searched for her in a lifetime without end!