Saturday, 30 July 2016

Slave of Allah gives up racism

Abddul Aziz- Poem on a white convert in prison

I first heard of your story
Riveting people's heart with your tattoo's and angry looks
Now prostrating in front Allah
You claim you cannot do this to anyone lesser than the Almighty

Nowadays I watch you in awe
Smiling and embracing, washing away all the abyss of hatred
Convincing others on the block
While haters wonder what about this non white religion

Making Gucci clothing dyed and styled from tattered patches
Loving the style of Sunnah while tats don't bother you ever
Everyone gets hit on
But Aziz is the beacon of strength among lifers

I wonder where this is going
People come and go always
But Ramadan and every day living is one for this inmate
Abdul Aziz is the slave of the Almighty power!

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