Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Merry Mixing wedding

Merry Mixing wedding


I was invited to participate in an inmate wedding ceremony. He had accepted Islam inside. Finding a partner through the pen pal service was his lucky star. The bride is Christian. She was full of joy and beauty on this sunny winter morning.

The Rev Chaplain organised the event with the services of the Town clerk to preside over the beautiful young couple.

I concluded with the blessings of the Islamic marriage. The witnesses were the mother of the groom and the groomsmen.

There was a camera for pictures.  We enjoyed lots of laughter after the benedictions because I said the groom may now have his halal kiss!


I thought I will pen these verses.


Waiting in queue

Not knowing whether fate will find me a mate

I had changed faith but not fate

I met the most beautiful inside bars


Today my years of wait is over

I only desire to make her my queen and my baby a princess

How can I not be thankful?

How can I turn from being faithful?


My mother beside me on my worse and best days

The snow will come no matter how late

The sun will rise no matter how cloudy

Love will find you no matter your color or crime.


Saturday, 2 January 2016

Poem for Oldeen 60th

Virtuous sixty and Counting- the Oldeen Saga!

By now you have edged on surprises
Every single one of them got yah
A birthday is another way of softening the wrinkles
But you celebrate virtues with each heart present today

Baksh is gift in Persian and Oldeen is of Faith in Arabic 
Nani had in mind greatness way before you received accolades
They may know you from the tennis rolls and trade unions
But don't we all know you from Master Moe and Hajji Host!

Each Ramadan since 05 that we gallivant in Toronto was an education
With every ounce of passion you inched your way into Hajj
From the mosques to Hafiz boys in Berbice and the Syrian refugees
Your generosity knows no bounds

They ask me about the river and sun
I say why ask of these that surround us by involuntary flow
Ask me about him who without hinting gives to the poor unhindered
They say much more but Mohamed will always be the name everyone compliments

I have seen many nations across oceans and rallied on their front lines
Yet the passion that Mandela and Layton have imprinted on my brother
Reminds me like Justin- a Canadian is a Canadian, is a Canadian.
That Family is family, is Family!

Happy Birthday Oldeen!

You just got started!