Friday, 25 September 2015

Hajjis shrouded in martydom

Leaving their homes in anxiety
Not knowing  will they return
Crushed at Jamaraat

Returning home in tranquility
Shrouded  in kafan for eternity
Your stubbornness blocked millions at the passageway

Now you can spend more on cranes and trains
You cannot escape blame with the martydom  of Divinely insane

I know  you went for Paradise
And now you're  added to the recurring  list of accidents
You're  with your Maker
But who will to this trajedy answer?
Laa La Baik!

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Religion blamed
Actions are not islands
Surrounding causes
Ahimsa is behind activism

Intentions the ruler of the body
Educate your souls  before learning languages
Political  parties find Interfaith action pariahs
Gandhi  was more than  a peace pundit - he fasted to end colonialism

Look the harshness of religious extremism
Millions displaced and further stopped
Maimed by airwars
Little Malala and Alan Kurdi are Ahmeds of science
Martyrs of hope!

OmarIbbott Rahmatullahi alaihi

You made the light of the season of Hajj
You left us suddenly
This path you’ve chosen despite our cries
Unlike the many who sought to fight you left, my sunshine

I remember your young days learning Quran
I saw a bright boy graduating from Queens
I lived to enjoy laughter and questions
Deeply intellectual, emotionally sensitive, deeper than Orinoco

I wished your youthfulness wasn’t snuffed away too soon
That you loved, danced and prayed on the banks of the Demerara too
I still see twinkles when you asked how can to date;  how to love
Your days in the Hereafter will be better, my boy

So many love you and our hearts pray for peace!
Sisters weep for who will now hold their hands
Mother cries for where is my loving son?
The world must learn to engage love even for a second more!

Saturday, 5 September 2015


My son you're  not alone
My mommy has left and gone
You're with your mama  and sister
I'm fighting for children left to die  on shores of political minds

Clouded  by trivial fights
While humanity  cries
For a child  gone too early is humanity buried alive
Oh Canada why did you deny?

Alan how much I dreamed in my watery home
Days working for bread and roof
That the doctor you would  be
Returning  to save Syrians from misery

Your sister is the apple of my eyes
Now your mother enwraps her in Paradise
They treated  us like a number
We couldn't  wait for who is right and who is the other

The waves we braved breath after breath
My sister over yonder
The prayers of silent monks and those around the Kaaba
Must have been answered

For who must endure this lost
Like Dr AbuLaish and millions of others
Know there is no pain like leaving  my family in helpless surrender!
Alan I willl forever remember!