Monday, 29 May 2017

Good story

I saw him in Halifax on the walkway
Throwing rocks thinking of Somalia
A people that once served the Middle East with abundance
Now millions suffer from famine and no water

I heard his words quiver through pain
Like the thunder had hit his heart a thousand volts
Who will take care of the girls of Africa?
While so much we have and cannot fight hunger

A man committed suicide he said in a village far away
A place known for no suicides like there is no snow in a desert
But lost his honor to be a breadwinner
He strung himself on a tree while the little ones cry at his feet

Such is the hardship we fail to comprehend
We are just one click away to make it happen
Don't make color or organisation make you feel complacent
It's not about tribe or religion but where you heart is when Azan is called.

Ramadan gift to nations

Travelling through nations
They seek a threat to destroy
Innocent girls and boys singing
They have no right to miss their family waiting

In seeking their madness
They destroy themselves and their faith
In seeking revenge against the beast who gets hurt but you
For Goliath stands tall growing while David is alone hurting

Don't you see oh youth of madness
No one can change the injustices of Pharaoh
Even Moses escaped and lived in exile
Even the most merciful migrated to Medina with His beloved

So stop taking your life and the lives of others
Make your faith pure and clean by reciting
I will worship God without heeding to the fanatical
I will be like Muhammad on the Day of Mecca-so forgive them!


Alone in the dark
Dreams raced for the goal post
Deafening silence spilled beans
The likes of Samosn and Delila can't make it

I heard they talk my name
Through the grapevine and walls beyond Babylon
I walked the pastures for seven moons
In the twist of tragedy my walls confined me

I later made it to Jericho
Where hope and faith are the salt of the earth
People say depression is madness
I say it's divine because it's by Faith you make it

I gathered my grapes
Fit for pigs and not wine
This drunken lover can't find a tavern
The heart was filled way before dawn

Monday, 1 May 2017

Habeeb Alli Bio

Habeeb Alli Bio

Habeeb Alli studied at Queen's College, Guyana before he graduated with a Masters in Islamic Theology and Arabic Language from the famous Deoband Seminary, India. He also holds a Diploma in Journalism from Delhi.

Habeeb is the author of nineteen books on Canadian Muslims and Contemporary Islam including the recent Underground Lines:150+Verses- celebrating Canada 150th plus anniversary.

He is a member of the Canadian Council of Imams and served as Secretary for six years. Mr Alli serves as director at the Interfaith Committee called Abraham Festival in Peterborough.

Imam Alli has presented on Islam in many conferences over the past twenty five years globally and was a regular contributor on He was recognized by the Junctian Network for Community Service in April 2017.

He presently serves as Development Officer at Human Concern International- dedicated towards global humanitarian efforts and as a Federal Chaplain with Correctional Services Canada.

The Poet is the founder of the annual One Love Gala- in recognition of successful reintegration of multi faith inmates- He sits on a number of community boards and speaks several languages.

Habeeb blogs at