Saturday, 30 March 2013


Muslims of Canada supports Muslims in Guyana Earth Day campaign
“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”
“Purification is half of Faith.”
Shamal Zamaluddin has done Dawah though his thought provoking brochures on lslam and TV crisp documentaries on Islam. He initiated a cleanup campaign among several of Guyana’s leading Muslim organizations for Earth Day and has been successful in getting the City council and Government Ministers and local agencies abroad. Recently, he reached out to the Muslims in Canada to support this worthy cause and the Islamic Foundation donated as well as several business persons and friends of Guyana. Joe and Lily Ally of Atlas Concrete and ardent contributors of Sayeda Khadija Centre, sent down a brush cutter from Canada. Habeeb during his book launch at the National Library presented these donations and was received in an audience of almost 80 persons and the local media. CIOG, GIT, ISA School, MYL, Muslims Businesses, etc. are involved.
According to Shamal,” Local financial donations & yours have done & are doing the following:1. Printed thousands of bumper stickers (pic 2)2. Posted signs on the streets (pic 3)3. Paid brothers doing the brush cutting 4. Bought water for the volunteers 5. Paid the truck drivers to remove the garbage”.
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