Thursday, 28 March 2013

Abraham Festival

In 2013, the Abraham Festival
is adding two new events.
The film “ARRANGED”
After the Jummah prayers, Friday, April
26th at 1:00pm, the film “Arranged” by
Stefan Schaefer will be shown in the Lady
Eaton pit.
This film is a light-hearted look at a friendship
between an Orthodox Jewish woman and a
Muslim woman who meet as teachers at a
school in Brooklyn, New York. They learn to
their surprise how much they have in common
– not least of which is that they are both
having marriages arranged by their families.
There is no charge for watching this film.
After the Jewish service on Friday evening,
April 26th at 6:00pm, everyone is invited to
participate in Dances of Peace in Beth
Israel synagogue auditorium.
Shakira Jo Oppenheimer is coming from
Toronto to lead us in these simple meditative
circle dances that use music from many
spiritual traditions. The dances touch the
spiritual essence within ourselves, and help us
recognize the spiritual in others.
There is no charge for participating in these
The Intent of the
Abraham Festival
We will create a network of Jews,
Christians and Muslims who will work
 To demystify “the other” and
grow relationships that bind
together those who have been
 To listen and learn from each
others traditions
 To open our hearts to each others
 To support each other as extended
The traditions of our three religions
teach us to have compassion, to seek
justice, and to pursue peace for all.
In the name of the one God whom we all
serve and celebrate, we condemn all
forms of violence. All our traditions
demand peace. We commit ourselves to
continued dialogue to pursue the
compassion and justice called for by
Abraham, by Jesus and by Mohammed.
We will act locally to create a network of
Jews, Christians and Muslims who will
promise to try to achieve peace and
justice in our community and in the
Friday, April 26th
“Dances of Peace”
Sunday, April 28th
“An Afternoon of Celebration”What is the Abraham Festival?
We are a gathering of people in the
Peterborough area, Jews, Christians and
Muslims. The Torah, the Bible and the Qur’an
are our holy books. We feel we are all
descendants of Abraham.
We have been meeting in Peterborough for ten
years in a spirit of joy and wonder as we
discover both our similarities and our
differences. We are discovering we are spiritual
The 2013 Abraham Festival is going to
be a Celebration of everything we have
accomplished in the last ten years.
Everyone is welcome to all the events.
Every year since 2003, we have had a festival
with a different theme:
 Jews, Muslims and Christians
– Who We Are
 Faith and the Family
 Mercy
 Faith Through the Arts
 Hearing One Another
– Seeking to Understand
 Diversity
 Caring for the Environment
– One Planet United in Faith
 Forgiveness
 The United Nations Millennium Goals
For further information:
Joyce Barrett 705-743-0241
Sunday, April 28
th, 2013
George St. United Church
534 George St. N.,
11:30am - Pot Luck Lunch
This will be a free vegetarian meal
to start the afternoon. If you wish to
bring some food to contribute to the lunch,
please bring it with you when you come.
1:00pm - Celebration
This will be an afternoon of rejoicing with
humor, song, dance and poetry.
- How to build an Abraham Festival
- Klezmer music by Curtis Driedger and
Ken Brown
- Garabagh presenting music from Turkey
and Azerbaijan
- Azfar Ali, comedian, will entertain
- Habeeb Alli and Wes Ryan will present
- Paul Harbridge, author, will read from
his book Helena’s Voyage
- A group of local singers will present
Christian music
Worship Services
As always, the Abraham Festival is
including a Jewish, Muslim and Christian
worship service.
These are not interfaith services.
They are the regular Jewish, Muslim and
Christian services, where all are welcome to
join in the prayers, as we all pray to the same
Muslim - Jummah Prayers
Friday April 26
th at 1:00 p.m.
Lady Eaton College, Trent University
in the pit
Women should wear a head covering
All leave their shoes at the entrance
Following the prayers, a screening of the
film “Arranged”
Jewish Prayers
Friday April 26
th, 6:00 p.m.
Beth Israel Synagogue,
775 Weller St.
Men should wear a head covering
(provided at the door if needed)
Following the prayers, participation in the
“Dances of Peace”
Christian Service
Sunday April 28
th at 10:00 a.m.
George Street United Church
534 George St. N.
Following this service, lunch and an

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