Saturday, 30 March 2013

Pluralism of Truths held at York

York University department of Humanities hosted a dialogue on Religious Pluralism.
Members travelling to Jerusalem from Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities were constantly told that there are two truths. Mr. Ron Smith wanted to explore this further with an Imam, Pastor and Rabbi.
Audiences were presented to by Habeeb Alli from the Canadian Council of Imams and the Rabbi, Prof Lockshin  who is the head of the religious department of York University. He later said that he was inspired about Islam’s critical stance on monotheism as a young reader of Maimonides. Noel Badou from the Centre of Human Rights coordinated the event in the prestigious Nat Taylor Cinema. Among the others were two students from Valley Park School that participated in that travel. They said they had misconceived ideas about others and the trip made them see the other side of the story as well as get an opportunity to interact and learn from each other. One person in the audience highlighted that with the swell of atheism and anti religious favor such dialogues are critical and should be more publicized with secular and other religious personalities asked to present. The Rabbi felt there was only one truth while the Imam showed that Islam looks at other religions originating from the One God called Al Haqq- the Truth. With the passage of time sometimes that truth gets blurred but truth it is, like a diamond, just covered in dust!

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