Monday, 1 May 2017

Habeeb Alli Bio

Habeeb Alli Bio

Habeeb Alli studied at Queen's College, Guyana before he graduated with a Masters in Islamic Theology and Arabic Language from the famous Deoband Seminary, India. He also holds a Diploma in Journalism from Delhi.

Habeeb is the author of nineteen books on Canadian Muslims and Contemporary Islam including the recent Underground Lines:150+Verses- celebrating Canada 150th plus anniversary.

He is a member of the Canadian Council of Imams and served as Secretary for six years. Mr Alli serves as director at the Interfaith Committee called Abraham Festival in Peterborough.

Imam Alli has presented on Islam in many conferences over the past twenty five years globally and was a regular contributor on He was recognized by the Junctian Network for Community Service in April 2017.

He presently serves as Development Officer at Human Concern International- dedicated towards global humanitarian efforts and as a Federal Chaplain with Correctional Services Canada.

The Poet is the founder of the annual One Love Gala- in recognition of successful reintegration of multi faith inmates- He sits on a number of community boards and speaks several languages.

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