Friday, 28 April 2017

Abraham Festival Peterborough 2017

Abraham Festival
Known for visiting places of worship
And for the fourteenth anniversary
We have three amigos from the South doing comedy
 An Imam, A Rabbi and A Priest

It just goes to show
We are not only inspiring Canadians
Only this week
I reminded someone
That the mosque was rebuilt
With Jews and Christians donating
While the Muslims were laughing all the way to the bank

Like the river of Babylon
Today First Nations join us
To celebrate our water crisis
That our Canada isn't 150 years
But 150 plus of rich history 

So while we laugh tonite
With the Interfaith Amigos
We must remember

Abraham opened his tent to every stranger 
And First Nations welcomed us from around the world
We will always sing Shalom, Salam and Megwich!


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