Sunday, 29 November 2015

Youth Help Line

I had the pleasure  of being a guest of an organization  I was fortunate  to be an advisor for 10 years ago last eve at Liberty Grand. is the only youth hotline in NA and has processed  10000 calls from suicide  to drugs and everything  in between  that youths suffered  from.
Imam Khalid Latiff was phenomenal  when he related his own journey  as a youth and how listening and not judging has helped thousands  on  NYC campus as a Chaplain.
Imam Slimi announced  he has two counsellors at Sayyeda Khadeeja Centre to help  GTA!
CAMH doctors and counsellors were on hand to talk about the importance  of cultural competence in the growing  demand of mental health in the diverse communities.
One speaker pointed out that mental health was the key character  in a number of the most recent extremist attacks in Canada  and Europe.
Of course the media celibrity Nur Toughari expressed, as MC  9f the Gala, her own need for Naseeha  in school when she pulled of her hijab! is a labour of love and funds raised is to help pay for keeping the lines open- longer and broader.
Yaseen Poonah the man behind the movement  mentioned they were able to raise 40K in this first endeavor!

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