Friday, 20 November 2015

So adorable, Sasha!

It was  amazing. Dr Abdullah, originally from Nigeria, met her mother at Georgetown  hospital. She has a hole in her heart. There is a long terminology for it but for sure it's not asthma, which was the prognosis she lived with until recently.

Because she cannot get enough oxygen she becomes blue! This bottle lasts a month when used every few days.

She laughed with us today after a long time. He mother, Shelly, is a stay at home mom because of her- she too was ecstatic!

We fundraised the 500.00 CDN in a day before leaving Toronto to Panama, from family and friends, through emails and even from some kind associates at the  IDRF AGM.

I didn't  know she is a practising Hindu and so many adorable things of her: like she cannot go to school; had written poems before and dreams of becoming a doctor! She reads voraciously but cannot sit up for long!

I'm glad that we never ask about creed and color when the call to help is made and ever so often.

Sasha's smiles is so much the smiles of innocence or any little girl's smiles!
I feel the Prophetic presence of wiping the tears off Fatima's countenance fourteen hundred years ago in replay!

My friend Shamal who writes these mind boggling brochures organised the eFundraiser and the purchases, etc.

I presented our new angel and beautiful  princess my latest  book of poetry-  Five White  Roses and A Red- hoping she too will publish and soon!

It is indeed a blessing  to be Muslim,  given the reeking Islamophobia !

What a way to spend my day!

Georgetown Guyana

Habeeb Alli

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