Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Dear Editor

I would like to take the kind opportunity to extend warmest greetings for our compatriots celebrating Eid. 
After a month long fasting, regular nightly prayers and calculated charity it's time to celebrate. 

My recent visit to Guyana ushers a new era of development as well as the satisfactory growth of the Faith as we delight in the glorious rebuilt of the historic Queenstown Grand Mosque. With this prosperity in mind we have much more to give and Eid is not completed unless we feed a hearty meal to a needy. I remember how my father taught us to share our coins on the spread hand kerchiefs of those present at Enmore mosque.

This year I especially took on the issue of funding water projects around the world, nostalgic of my own days of searching for water 
in the land of many.

Love will win and as a nation I envisage a family united under faith from all colors under one Godliness. That's the mantra we sing on our way to prayers this day- God you are great and to you belong all praises and thanks.


Habeeb Alli

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