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Book Launch in Mar. That's Shamal's picture on my name,

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Written by Shirley Thomas   
Friday, 15 March 2013 19:59
‘WHISPERS OF KAIETEUR’, a new publication chronicling news, letters, poems and myriad personal activities by author Sheikh Habeeb Alli was yesterday launched at the National Library, Church Street, Georgetown.

Author Sheikh Habeeb Alli addresses the gathering
In his book, Alli focuses on the ‘building up’ of society and presents visions of a ‘community’ in which people, Muslims, Inter-faith persons and others in various settings, could be at peace with each other and enjoy harmonious relationships.
In a book review done by Susan Harrison, PhD candidate in Theology at Emmanuel College, Toronto School of Theology at the University of Toronto, she spoke of Alli’s compassion for humanity and tireless efforts, rooted in his devotion to Allah, hallmarks that are evident in his writings.
Harrison said: “Alli’s book makes evident his capacity to network and build bridges of understanding within and beyond the Canadian Muslim community. His Guyanese background gives him an edge at noticing where communities are ready to transcend racism and other barriers on the path of faith. Indeed, it has given him the ability to ‘navigate between cultures, traditions, and religious personalities’ and we, his readers, benefit from his dexterity.”
The gathering at the book launch at the National Library

She also highlighted the innate ‘people-oriented’ nature of Sheikh Habeeb Alli, noting, “His compassion for humanity and tireless efforts, rooted in his devotion to Allah, overflows in these poems, articles, letters, and accounts of the myriad of activities he has both catalyzed and given testimony to on these pages.”
Alluding to the news component of the book, Harrison asserts that the news reports show a vibrant, living, faith-based community that is active in caring for one another and their neighbours in Canadian society, and further abroad.
“Between the covers of this book we find many signs as to what it means to entrust one another “with your life and 
Habeeb Alli’s book ‘Whispers of Kaieteur’
religion – knowing you will be dignified and your freedom of religion will be respected…” This book will be a blessing to all who read it,” she concluded.

At yesterday’s launch, apart from remarks by the author himself, there were also readings taken from the book by Brothers Mohan and Shamal.
A presentation of copies of the book ‘Whispers of Kaieteur’ was made to the National Library and Islamic entities.

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