Friday, 28 June 2013


Habeeb Alli

I’m every where
I’m life
Oceans and snow, rivers and rain showers
I’m so much yet quite little

In abundance of me the fool is thirsty
Millions die from lack of me or greed for me
Don’t make your donations selfish, make them tax deductible
I wait like a bride for someone special to find me

I want to be in buckets and iftar cups this Ramadan
Flowing through wells, filling trucks, rushing through handheld pumps
I want to be saving children, some 30 000 die daily
Look in Pakistan, Palestine, Alberta and Africa, why this folly?

But alas, someone’s prayer
Where is my knight in shining armor?
Where is my Nelson Mandela or my Terry Fox, if you know what I mean?
Who will send me their Zakat this Ramadan and God willing theirs is Kauthar

I’m the source of life
Water 4 life is my name
I’m waiting breathlessly on your love, Oh Canada, eh?
So my dying brother may have Eid, not shahada!

You may use any pipe, any drill
But be reassured of where and with who you dig
For a registered charity of twenty nine years is for me big
Isn’t your Faith about saving, not taking lives, Mr. Goodwill?


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