Friday, 28 June 2013


Guyanese in Mexico
June 23rd Guyana Festival Toronto
Habeeb Alli

Every day I stop by Brother Peter
He crosses children at the school street
He gives me the latest updates on back home
It’s so depressing all this white stuff and killing drones

But when I met a man in Mexico, a Canadian
He was in his teen
When he arrived in New Brunswick in 68
And little did he know his roots until he met me

I told him of how our people are everywhere
The governor of British Columbia was from Mahaica
In the World Bank and Iceland we hitting six and fours
That Guyanese are UN role models, how come you don’t know partner?

He said there was a Guyanese name Erol Williams
Like Mr. Hinds he too was a New Brunswick alumnus
He made a documentary of the legendary Black Scotia ball player Oley
But that was not all

He produced the national story of post slavery in a small island
Yes a GT banna is hero in little Bermuda Triangle
The people there are so grateful that someone could tell their story
So on the screen you e our children must see Guyana as the country!

So my Canuk and Ameriki we are more than curry and Cuffy!
We ain’t care about your divide and rule policy
All we want is to pray and make money
All we got is alumni like Forbes, Rodney and Cheddi!


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