Monday, 29 April 2013


Dear Editor

I have discovered the beauty of Guyana all the way in Calgary this week. I met a gentleman who visited Guyana in 1985, I had had this etched memory of him in English shorts and camera hanging on his shoulders; too young to remember names and old enough to know that this was intriguing- an Indian gyal  married to an Englishman! 

Anyhow, he said he had lost his camera naively to some unknown passerby, who asked to see his camera and upon return he later realized the leather case was the only thing he owned now! Camera and beautiful memories all gone!

However, what makes Guyana so divine in the hearts of the visitors and still the destination of homesick diaspora across the world is the fact that love and generosity, good taste and excellent cooks still grapples the hearts of endless visitors, like the Kaieteur- when the eyes are first beset with this pristine glory.

The gentle man said he would always think after these many years and world travels, that Enmore would be the ideal place to settle! Yes, my own Enmore would be the place to settle with its lush green expanse of sugar cane fields and fertile rice acreage, sequined with black water trenches and much fruit gardens! Well you never miss the water til the well runs dry!

I must say thank God for being Guyanese-  my recent trip to Guyana made me feel special, with a well attended book launch of Whispers of Kaieteur at the National Library, a presentation of kindness to the folks making a difference to keep Georgetown the Garden City- and not the garbage city; and the wonderful platitudes of development a midst the corruption and crime. It's amazing how people see contentment and empathy for others who live through devastation of humanity daily. My sincerest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones recently and in the Boston tragedy-  the essence of life is at times in the words of Rumi to feel pain whilst others mock your honesty!

As I had said before that Enmore historically and socioeconomically has all the trimmings to make it a town. Not Jones town but Demerara Gold is what made this fellow remember Guyana! That the sugar cane is till ripe with such potent powers that a son of a British planter living in Calgary could feel the juices dripping down his fingers, all these years, that he wants to make Enmore his resting place. Of course you'll have to get the old boys club there to clean that cemetery, turned "jumbie- jungle"!

As Oprah said, live in Hamilton, recently, that when one finds beauty, it's the self reflection of the inner person, wishing to return to a place one day, where the love of self will be greater than the love of others and that is true love!

Congratulations again to the organizers of the annual Enmore social in Toronto-  it's time to consider making the true Enmorean shine for the goodness of humanity.

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