Monday, 29 April 2013

Beautiful wedding on the lawns of Paradise banquet hall Vaughan!

Apna dosti ko apna pyar banana
Those are the words that sing aloud today
Make your best friend your lifetime partner
And if you haven't them make a prayer when you remember

Ray and Nazeka
Brings such wonderful thoughts on this song
That her delicateness as her name
His sunshine smile as his fame

When two people so enshrined
Their work and studies making love all the time
Marriage was meant to be
Like Zulaikha and Yusuf waiting a lifetime

Today their happiness is the joy of their parents
Tomorrow theirs that of their own Blue jays team!
Knowing the depth of love needs a vessel
The stem of Ray holds Nazeka like a flower in the wind

God destined you to be together
Like the snowstorm unstoppable
Never mind the naysayers
Love is the still the greatest gift to humanity!


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