Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Dear Colleague
Re: #JasmineJuma
It’s that time of year where everything is lighted up and getting dressed for Christmas parties is abuzz! However, I would like you to consider another buzz amidst all this excitement. It’s the joyous act of giving, which is the spirit in December, and kind of synonymous with Ramadan and the charitable act of zakat.

After the shopping craze of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we had the charitable success of Giving Tuesday! So many organisations benefitted from the trend that started by a simple movement away from branding one’s business only and getting everyone involved instead.
I’m thinking of #JasmineJuma
Christmas Day and New Years this year are both on Fridays! Juma, where Muslims flock to the mosques for Friday prayers, is always a Day of Light, far from a myopic blitz! Already at Friday prayers we donate our kind hearts to many causes. I like the Jasmine flower as years ago I was invited for Jasmine tea in traditional Japanese teapot style! Recently, after participating in the Syrian Film festival, I realised the national flower, in the land of Prophet Muhammad’s first childhood trip, is Jasmine! Now I am hooked in finding Jasmine flowers in Toronto! Jasmine is whitish in color and closest to the lightness of Juma!
Do you believe the Prophetic tradition of one who creates a path of good deeds, while people act upon it, will be rewarded by God? I recently told an amazing young man that his painted labyrinths in the city parks is a good deed, for which God will reward him and he retorted no one ever said that to me in my twenty years of volunteering! But isn’t this our online footprint?
I heard Imam Hamid Slimi, at the Liberty Grande, recently, during a fundraising Gala for a youth helpline, quoted the Prophetic tradition that whosoever tries to make someone happy God regards him or her as the choicest gift to humanity! I would like to be that person, would you?
Whatever cause you are passionate about, regardless, by attaching the hash tag #JasmineJuma and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter; even Periscope plus Pinterest and Google+ besides every other social media, including emails and Whatsapp, come this week, until Dec31st, you will be making a difference in the lives of the needy. You would be making a difference in the lives of Syrian children and suffering families during the holidays. You will add a voice to the voiceless during the cold nights of winter, anywhere.
I know the power of replicating good deeds. I just read an article on yohoo.com that the Tabligh movement that started in India a century ago, had invited Muslims to franchise their six positive qualities throughout the world, and now they have expanded to 50million members!
Like and share! Retweet and favourite! Forward and resend!  Just Spread The Love! #JasmineJuma
‘Be the change you would like to see’, Gandhi.
Yours truly,
Habeeb Alli

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