Thursday, 26 March 2015

Poem on Imams Conference March 2015 Chicago

Another turn of greatness
Living to serve the Deen
Imams getting a chance to diffuse

Looking at texts and contexts
Stepping on toes and some confused
But when there is mistake
Rahma descends with grace

We will soon return to our hoods
I will to the North and the bars of brokeness
The delicateness of His demeanour
The eruditness of his wisdom

The call to be inclusisve
The recognition of honoray scholars
Presence in the heirs of the Prophet alihisalam
Validates us not Fox news

Dr Sawy is the raison d'etre of our presence
My travels' trials are lightened
With your dua and guidance!
Oh jewel of the Umma don't be shaken!

Habeeb Alli

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