Monday, 23 February 2015

Malcolm X-Brother Selma, ra

This is a piece dedicated to peace

Freedom fighters like Martin Luther and Malcolm X

Despite the Selma of everyday

We can still be inspired for peace


Looking at Oscar winners John and Common

Saying their piece after rendering

Glory will come

Oh, how I love Malcolm even more! Rahmatullahi alaihi


Look this isn’t about religion

It’s not about who prays to Jesus and who bows to Allah

It isn’t about who is black and who is white

The way Malcolm died is what we ought to cry for.


His Iman was up there

He was not just a broken child; a thug turned Islamic in prison

He was from the Hausa clan

Known for their scholarship and faithfulness: Islam accepted him before he did


When I see his films and I read his books

When we youtube his speeches

Although I was not there

I know I was there, way before the womb that bore me


Malcolm visited Toronto’s first mosque in 65

He visited Mecca for the Hajj

Malik Shabaz visited the noble Ulama of the Middle East and Africa

He was from them- fiery, humble, and simply fearless.


Where did he get this fire from?

Malcolm X was the manhood and still is for Blacks and oppressed men

He withstood the threat to life with Tawakkul in Allah

When he was finally down he trusted in God alone, for his own had put him down


Malcolm rest in peace and Allah’s mercy always

Now that millions claim you

Not only communists, leftists and atheists

Although then you couldn’t get a simple Janaza in a mosque, oh Muslim brother


When I met your daughter

Ilyasa I met the blood of an icon I grew up on

When I met one, who visits your shrine,

I met the soul that I dream of in my khutbas all the time


The reason many don’t know you

They don’t know you are Muslim or you stood up against racism

They do not know your sacrifice

Because of you we have civil rights and equality


It isn’t right

No it isn’t right

Others get the limelight

But One Day, like Selma, One Day, Oh AlHaj Malik Shabaz, Glory!


So brothers and sisters, Listen up

Listen with your heart and not your ears

Put down that cell phone

Call someone you love and stop hating!


Allahummaghfirlahu and wahshur hu maal abrar!


  1. Well said, Br. Habeeb! He was indeed a very fearless man. May Allah bless him and his offsprings.

    1. As Always... professionally sound and 'in a genre all its very own'
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