Friday, 23 January 2015

Chaplain is a Heir of Prophets

Chaplain Habeeb- what do you do?

People ask me what do I do?

What’s a Chaplain and am I working for the beast?

Some of my friends say I’m the Imam for the criminals

They usually say con lover and yeah we embrace and Salam each other!

Others think I’m on the govt underground payroll

Stinking of selling out to the Intel yo

But you don’t know

Yet when I pass through the iron gates

I feel I get the stares

Who is this guy walking through with maddening stares?

But this is what I do six years and hours out of TO

I make my brothers stop seeing bars

And my sisters to ride inside the heart

I learn to navigate dangerous snow storms

While offering Quran and Sunnah on the blocked up dorms

With every lockdown

Or drug overdose I feel a piece of my soul

Gets crushed esp when my people gets judged

Because I ain’t only serving Muslims, Ismailis and Shias and Sunnis

But Rastas, Christians, Jews, Atheists, Hindus, Sikhs, LGBTs, have all walked through

And yes what do I really do?

I peddle hope

I hustle love

I shoot faith in the lives of those innocent and those guilty alike

Because doing time is not about counting your days

Is not about getting parole or getting on the halal or hijab list only

It’s about making your time count

By seeking forgiveness and seeking a skill

By seeing yourself as one ready for dignity and not play victimology

So when people say what I do?

I say a chaplain is a Christian word for Prophets and Messengers

It’s a word used in the World war that would mean heirs of Ambiya, modern day Imams

And the Apostles’, alaihim salam, posts would have had countless likes, reposts and reshares were they alive

Because we serve for God sake when the light go out

Those who deserve second chances in life

Cuz We Breathe His Love!

You breathe His Love!

Habeeb Alli

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