Monday, 10 February 2014

Happy Black History month . We got swag!

They say we ain't any history
Our people from the Caribbean were slaves
Didn't walk with any civilization
We just love to get rapped and can't keep a stack

But you ain't know us
So don't play God and judge us
Our ancestors were greater than Rome and India put together
We came as Kings way before Columbus

Look at our music, so sweet, colourful clothes and bling
We brought that swag from Mansa Musa the Mali King
Who laid the 1000 cities with gold way before El Dorado was discovered
We had our women as Queens, not beaten on plantations reaping cotton

Our medicine men and scientists, not shamans and psychics
Spoke glowingly in books filled up libraries
We did' t burn churches and killed children on stakes
We lived with all religions and races just there in West African states

Our scholars were many
They taught the Quran and Bible
They gave us the lubricator and lighted cities of Cordoba
So don't say Moors and Black men running wild

We made history way before the first Black President
We gave the world the likes of Iris and Nelson Mandela
We were lead to freedom by Cuffy and Cudjoe plus Toussaint besides The French Revolution

So listen up
Those in shackles and who cannot leave this fortress mentality
Telling me to go back to Africa and Carribean people ain't got any Islamic history
We discovered Bermuda triangle and lived in Brazil with our  GPS called Idrisi
Building pyramids, and by the way the Malcolm X was a child of the Black peninsula called the Caliphate of Songhay Ali

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