Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Who cares?


Habeeb Alli


National Community Chaplaincy Conference 2013

Community chaplains who cares?
Not even God who answered the sigh of retired Abraham with Ishmael
Even if it was on Colored People time!

And what about the men that crave beadworks
And the women who create cards without colours
And the colleagues whose emails sing joy
Upon the small victories because Faith is winning so what

And who really cares
Not maybe political neo colonists
Or social engineering pundits
But for sure the children of Canada and their cyber offsprings

The sunshine traced on breathtaking walkabouts
The halal cuisine served with pleasant smiles
The gracious space of Acadians tucked away on the Bay of Love
All is in God's hand; each speaker reminded me that someone cares

For the tears of flashbacks you are not alone
For the laughter at dark secrets keep moving
For the you that shared courage at buried pain
For all that serve my God how much do you care!

May your travels be light
Your heart, for you are the breath on the whisper of God, desire more than lobster
Like Dismas, the two thieves, inspired by the Master
May your sacrifice be for Him, Allah, even if anyone ain't care!

The End.

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