Sunday, 3 February 2019

7th One Love Gala 2019 recognized, among many, Warren Abbey freed after eleven years a lifer!

7th One Love Gala 2019 recognized among many Warren Abbey freed after eleven years a lifer!

It is not often you hear of someone whose life turned upside down due to wrongful incarceration but with faith and resilience against injustice he walked away free as well as a profile of tutoring maths and science and the Quran to fellow inmates!
That was the resounding story, among many others, on Saturday night at the beautiful Elite Banquet Hall where Warren Abbey was awarded the Malcolm X award for Black History month. Malcolm X fought against anti Black racism in America in the 6o’s and this injustice against Blacks continues even after decades, like todays’ racial profiling. Warren Abbey, among others, received an applause for fighting for their freedom after believing in their truths.

Inset from left is Warren Abbey, Eddie- TV host, Joseph, Motiar-except Eddie all are former inmates and awardees; for their impactful reintegration

The evening was graced by the Keynote Ahmad Tahera from Chicago- a North Western University Interfaith Chaplain and Hon Minister of Science, Dr. Kirsty Duncan, and MP for Etobicoke North- who both touched the beautiful audience with their thoughts and compassion.

Inset Tahera Ahmad.
The charity of choice at this year’s One Love Gala was the Looking at the Stars Foundation- founded by Dmitri Kanovich- in order to share free classical music in the prisons of Canada- 25 sessions since 2015.

Inset from left Habeeb Alli, Tushar Unadath the Emcee, Dmitri Kanovich
The diverse social started some seven years ago by Chaplain Habeeb Alli and friends, when the former federal government threatened to end diversity chaplaincy programs in federal prisons.

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